flux – let your passengers fly through security

The application flux implements a digital queue at the security checkpoint of airports. A user-friendly web app, lets your passengers book their individual time slots in the queue. Our built-in analysis tools and machine learning algorithm provide insight into passenger flows and prevent overloaded control points.
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Our solution

We provide a time-slot booking service for key airport services which allows passengers to plan their journey and airports to plan their capacity and facilitates social distancing during the Corona crisis.

How flux works

The flux digital queue consists of three parts that work together seamlessly to generate a planned and consistent stream of passengers through control points.

Webapp for passengers

Passengers can book their individual time slot in our user-friendly flux application. Set up as a web app, it's accessible from every device with an internet connection. Guaranteed maximum waiting time ensures that passengers do not waste time.

queue processing app

Passengers receive a booking confirmation via email containing information about where to find the flux lane and a QR-code that is used for identification upon arrival. The QR-code can be scanned by an automated gate or staff member using the processing app.

Setup and data analytics tool

This tool provides insight into all bookings and allows to monitor, analyze, and configure the flux system. All data can be shared and integrated into other airport systems.

The flux service is customizable to your Cooperate Identity!
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Flux Book-a-Slot for Frankfurt Airport

The flux system was tested from 05.11.2018 – 20.12.2018. The service was branded in the cooperate identity of Frankfurt airport and was available for 47 European destinations. Time slots were obtained for booking from 14:00 – 17:00 from Monday till Friday.

A more expanded and comprehensive roll out of the service Book-a-Slot at Frankfurt Airport is planned in 2020.

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A Team of Great Innovation

Symbiotic software development, IT operation and user experience design created by a partnership between Iabsis and Moniteurs.

Tobias Kuster
Ingenious tech innovator / Manager
Heike Nehl
UX & design magician
Gilles Hemmerlé
Industry solutions software expert
Nick Doulgeridis
Lightning fast full stack developer
Olivier Bitsch
Open Source Guru / Devops
Anna König
Interface and UX design
Jeroen van der Burgt
Machine Learning Wizard
Ashiqur Rahman
UI Expert and full stack developer
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